Group Tuition

At Taylor-Made Education we understand that the Secondary School Transfer Tests (11+) can be a stressful time for children and parents. As a parent you want to give your child the best chance to perform well, without causing unnecessary anxiety. That is why we offer group tuition in an environment where children can learn together in a fun but challenging way.

We are always conscious of maintaining high levels of confidence and self-esteem, in order to ensure the wellbeing of every child. Our aim is to strengthen core skills in English and Maths, introduce the verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions that are not taught in schools, whilst promoting and developing a positive mindset.

Why Group Tuition?

Small groups up to a maximum of 4 children offer personalised support with the added benefit of enabling peer learning. Group learning can be more varied and less intense for some children, which means they are able to focus for longer and gain extra learning via group interaction. Learning alongside other children is more fun and builds a sense of companionship and increased motivation.

Secondary Transfer Tests (11+) Familiarisation Courses

Since 2018 the Buckinghamshire Secondary School Transfer Tests (11+) have been set by GL Assessment. Children sit two 45 minute papers at the beginning of Year 6. The tests include:

Verbal Skills (50% 0f the overall marks)

  • Reading comprehension
  • Spelling grammar and punctuation
  • Verbal Reasoning: solving word problems, codes and sequences
  • Understanding vocabulary

Mathematical Skills (25% of the overall marks)

  • Mental arithmetic
  • Data Handling: interpreting graphs and charts
  • Fractions and ratios
  • Algebra

Non-Verbal Skills (25% of the overall marks)

  • Spatial reasoning
  • Shapes and sequences including rotation, reflection and symmetry
  • Problem solving and deduction

Taylor-Made Education offer two courses covering all of the above for Year 4 and Year 5 children.

Year 4 Secondary Transfer Tests (11+) Familiarisation Course
60 minute session
£25 per session

This course introduces all the English and Maths foundation skills required for the tests and we introduce basic test techniques and verbal and non-verbal question types as an early introduction to the format of Secondary Transfer Tests (11+).
We understand that overloading children too quickly is not beneficial in the long term. By gradually building skills, attention span and introducing timed activities and test formats in a fun and stimulating environment, we can build confidence and motivation.

Year 5 Secondary Transfer Tests (11+) Familiarisation Course
90 minute session
£35 per session

Children will build upon, consolidate and extend their learning in all areas of the Secondary School Transfer Tests (11+). Mock tests are taken at appropriate intervals throughout the course and parents are given feedback on their child’s strengths and weaknesses. Additional activities will be planned to address areas that require further development.
By the end of this course all children will be familiar with the test conditions, question types and timings, allowing them to tackle the tests with confidence and achieve their personal best on the day.

Year 3 English & Maths Booster Courses
£25 per 60 minute session

This course reinforces and develops all the English and maths skills required to meet National Curriculum age related expectations in Year 3. Children can benefit greatly from additional support at different points along their learning journey. A little extra help can stop your child from falling behind and ensure that they enjoy and thrive within school.

Please Note
All courses run in line with the academic year and are split into half term phases.
Additional booster sessions are offered during school holiday periods.
Group sizes will be restricted to a maximum of 4 children. 
High standards of behaviour are expected in order to allow all children to benefit fully from the tutoring sessions.
Priority booking for Year 5 courses will be given to children who have completed the Year 4 course.

My son was struggling in his maths lessons. Ms Taylor has increased his confidence and helped
him get to grips with fractions and decimal calculations. He can now confidently tackle new topics
in school and is enjoying maths again!

Mrs L